Employee mistakenly submits application for her own position at present firm

Cover Image Source: TikTok | @rachelmcilravey7

Looking for a job can be an exciting experience, even if you possess all the required skills and qualifications and have plenty of job opportunities. During an interview, anything can happen; you may not be greeted, the employer may unexpectedly alter the terms of the agreement, or you may inadvertently apply to your current  place of work!

This incredible tale could serve as a prime illustration of all the things that can go wrong during a job hunt. Rachel Mcilravey (@rachelmcilravey) recounted the story on her TikTok, detailing the peculiar situation until the end, where she had to have an uncomfortable conversation with the company’s boss, and Rachel Mcilravey (@rachelmcilravey) herself lost both the job she applied for and the one she already had. It’s difficult to find a better illustration than this!

“I applied for this job because it paid better and sounded great,” Rachel said. “But I should’ve researched the company more before I sent my resume and cover letter. The work environment was really horrible, and they kept changing up what you were doing and adding things to your plate.”

“So when I got caught, the CEO asked me why I applied for the job,” she continued. “I just told her the truth – that it was a toxic environment and she was setting a bad example for the office. I had to do what was best for me, and she agreed. In the end, they couldn’t fire me and I eventually left on my own. Just be honest.”

The aftermath of Mcilravey’s viral TikTok video was unexpected for her. In response to numerous requests from viewers, she posted a follow-up video where she admitted that she never thought her original post would become so popular. She expressed her relief upon learning that many viewers had gone through the same situation, saying, “I’m glad that I’m not alone in this funny situation!”

Image Source: TikTok/@rachelmcilravey7

According to Mcilravey, the company she was working for was planning to expand and rebrand, but failed to communicate this to its employees. She explains that she applied for the job as it had a higher pay and seemed like a good fit for what she wanted to do. She chuckles as she mentions the toxic work environment and high turnover rate at the workplace. She further elaborates that workers often did not have job roles that matched their job descriptions, which is why the job listing caught her attention.

According to Mcilravey, the CEO informed her that the hiring team recommended her termination, but she used the situation to discuss the toxic work environment with the CEO, who Mcilravey claimed was responsible for perpetuating it. Mcilravey stated that she needed to prioritize her own interests and keep her options open. She added with a hint of humor, “They needed me, so they couldn’t fire me. And then I eventually left on my own.”

In her follow-up video, McIlravey offered some advice for those who are currently employed and looking for another job, expressing that her experience struck fear in many of them. She advised them to be cautious and mindful of where they apply and to make sure they double-check the company they are applying to, even if it seems familiar.

With a cheerful expression, McIlravey advised, “I should’ve done more research into the company, but I didn’t, so if anyone’s nervous, research whatever company you’re applying for.”