Emotional reunion occurs as airman surprises his parents by hiding in crate

With the aid of a charity and a supplier of building supplies, an Air Force service member stationed in Italy surprised his parents with a touching gift this holiday season.

Source: Youtube

According to Senior Airman Jaylen Spotts, who spoke with WSYX, he had been stationed at Aviano, Italy, for the past three years, ever since before the epidemic began. Earlier this month, he was on the phone with his mother, Stacey Spotts, when he asked her a question.

Spotts said WSYX, “I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, and seeing me was one of the things she asked.”

“So, I got on Google and found Operation H.O.M.E.”

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A company that sells building materials called 84 Lumber made a contribution to Operation H.O.M.E. and volunteered to help with the surprise by supplying a truck and materials to assemble a large container for Spotts to hide in. The crate had been transported to the house that his family lived in. When his parents were called outside to open the container that had been sent to their home in Columbus, they were pleased to see their kid inside. 

Jaylen’s mother, Stacey Spotts, commented, “I just can’t believe my baby is home.” The heartfelt reunion was captured on camera by WSYX, an ABC News station, and it is abundantly evident that the gift of Jaylen’s presence was the best present that his parents could have wished for at that time.

Their response was absolutely priceless, particularly the mother, Stacey Spotts, who yelled as soon as she laid eyes on her son in person. Jaylen Spotts did not waste any time either and immediately gave his mother the biggest embrace.