Eleven pregnant staff members at the New Hampshire hospital feel grateful

A surprising and heartwarming phenomenon has unfolded at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover, New Hampshire, where eleven staff members have found themselves on an extraordinary journey of pregnancy at the same time. This rare and joyous occurrence has left the colleagues feeling a deep sense of gratitude and amazement.

As the news spread among the hospital walls, the astonishment grew, as it became evident that not just a couple, but eleven individuals were expecting babies, creating a delightful buzz of anticipation.

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Kendal Towle, a dedicated general surgery nurse practitioner, shared her astonishment, saying, “It was one person after another, and then here we all are.” She aptly described the situation as “a domino effect,” where each pregnancy announcement seemed to pave the way for another.

Serena Swanson, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, playfully joked, “We kept asking what’s in the water,” adding a lighthearted touch to the extraordinary coincidence. Another certified registered nurse anesthetist, Alexa Hayes, marveled at the remarkable synchronicity, as it marked the first time that so many expectant colleagues found themselves working together in the same surgical services department.

Hayes further explained that in previous years, the hospital had not experienced a high number of pregnancies among its staff. However, after she had her own daughter in 2022, it seemed that a wave of expectant colleagues followed suit. “I was like, why not jump on the train again? So here we are,” Hayes chuckled, as she eagerly anticipated the arrival of her second child in September. She also expressed her gratitude for the unique opportunity to share this journey with fellow working moms and first-time moms, creating a supportive network of shared experiences.

The first among the “preglets,” as they affectionately call themselves, was Swanson, who joyfully welcomed her daughter, Everett, through a C-section earlier this month at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. Following Swanson, the timeline unfolds with Jenny Miles expecting to give birth in June, followed by Jen Jones, a fellow certified registered nurse anesthetist, who will deliver in July.

August holds the excitement of three “preglets” due to deliver: Kendal Towle, Emily Piche, and Sasha Thomas, another certified registered nurse anesthetist. As autumn arrives, the anticipation continues with Hayes and the upcoming deliveries of surgical technologists Grace McManus and Madison Smeal in September, and anesthesia technologist Elizabeth Sullivan and endoscopy RN Justine Brenan in October.

This unique situation has fostered a deep sense of gratitude among the staff members. They feel blessed to be able to share this special time in their working environment, where the hospital values the importance of family and supports the staff’s journey through pregnancy and beyond.

The opportunity to experience this journey together has created a strong bond among the colleagues, both on a professional and personal level. They find solace in the fact that, as healthcare professionals, they not only support each other through the highs and lows of patient care but also have the privilege of supporting one another in their personal journeys towards motherhood.

This heartwarming story echoes a similar tale that unfolded at Liberty Hospital in Liberty, Missouri, where ten nurses and one doctor also found themselves simultaneously expecting. The hospital proudly shared a photo on Facebook, showcasing the expectant mothers and captioning it, “We are expecting a BABY BOOM at The Birthing Center!

Ten of our labor and delivery nurses are expecting their own bundles of joy this year, beginning with the first baby due in three weeks! Pictured here, they grow in gestation from right to left. Congratulations and very best wishes to our amazing moms-to-be!” These remarkable situations remind us of the power of shared experiences