Electric bus caught fire after battery explosion in Paris

A video recording shows the start of the fire which completely consumed an electric RATP bus on Friday, April 29, 2022. The incident caused no injuries.

The bus burst into flames within seconds. This is what can be seen on the video that captured the very beginning of the fire of an electric vehicle of the RATP in Paris, this Friday, April 29. In the images, we can see a small explosion occur on the roof of the bus, where the batteries are located, followed by huge flames that spread to the entire body at breakneck speed.

The line 71 bus caught fire in the 13th arrondissement of Paris in the morning, mobilizing around thirty workers, according to the firefighters contacted by Le Parisien. It is a 100% electric vehicle, from the Bolloré brand Bluebus 5SE series, like the bus that burned down at the beginning of April.

This afternoon, the RATP decided to temporarily withdraw from circulation the 149 Bolloré electric bluebuses that circulate on its network.

Watch the video:

Here are a number of comments about this viral video:

  • “The carbon footprint of that bus sure increased dramatically.”
  • “As I can see, this is extremely ecological bus, protects the environment a lot…… No words.”
  • “It’s amazing that people talk about green energy and electric cars and forget about the huge environmental damage of lithium batteries in their fires, explosions, etc.”
  • “A friend of mine, a firefighter, has told me: don’t try to extinguish a burning electric vehicle. It’s not possible. Just let it burn down and protect the surrounding area.”
  • “Imagine this happening while in a bus garage or tunnel.”

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