Elderly woman thanks man for saving her life at gas station, but he insists she saved him

We were taught to speak to them with respect, avoid raising our voices or responding rudely, and to always demonstrate love, empathy, and kindness towards them.

Despite some people’s belief that this generation lacks respect for the elderly due to certain individuals displaying an insensitive or rowdy attitude, it is unfair to generalize.

Many young people still hold true to these values and exhibit compassion towards the elderly, giving us hope for a more respectful future.

While visiting a friend in Columbus, Georgia, the 88-year-old noticed that she was running low on gas. She drove to the nearest gas station to fill up her tank, but when she went inside to get a receipt, she realized she had left her walker behind. In that split second, she lost her balance and nearly fell.

Otherwise, she would have faced a terrible accident.

It’s safe to say that the quick reflexes and attentiveness of JaQuan Sanks saved her life.

He responded immediately, catching her before she could hit the ground.

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Barbara was extremely appreciative of her young hero.

“He literally saved my life. I just felt like it was a God moment because he couldn’t have waited another second; if he had, I was on the way down,” Barbara told NBC 15.

To show her appreciation, the grateful woman presented her hero with a complete tank of gas. However, Barbara believed that this gesture was insufficient as JaQuan’s actions had determined whether she lived or died. She was immensely grateful for still being alive and felt indebted to him. Subsequently, she shared the incident on Facebook, which JaQuan also posted. The posts, which have since been removed, garnered over 30,000 views in total.

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When JaQuan paid a visit to Barbara at the nursing home, they were reunited. He brought her a bouquet and a matching shirt for them to wear together. All the residents of the nursing home were present to greet JaQuan and pay tribute to his bravery. However, JaQuan also made sure to express his gratitude to Barbara during the visit.

He experienced a positive change in his life after that post went viral.
He said, “I’m just appreciative of just being able to be a part of her life and her being a part of mine because my life has definitely changed within a day.”

The bond between Barbara and JaQuan has grown into a beautiful friendship, with both of them remaining grateful for each other. JaQuan’s natural inclination to care for the elderly in his vicinity and ensure their safety is a commendable trait that we aspire others to follow.