Elderly woman defies beauty standards to become a model: ‘If you don’t try, you’ll never know’

Rosa Saito, who started her modeling career at the age of 68 and is still dazzling everyone at the age of 71, has caused a storm in the fashion world.

At the age of 71, Rosa Saito is openly accepting her age and embracing her attractiveness. Saito, who started her modeling career at the age of 68 and is still an inspiration at 71, completely rocked the fashion business. Rosa, who was born Setsuko Saito, has always been gifted and enthusiastic about the arts. She was raised in a creative environment and was born in Araçatuba, So Paulo. She began singing, drawing, and writing because she believed she was destined to work in the arts.  “I always knew I was going to pursue something creative, something I could invent. Everything I do I take to that side.” 

Rosa, however, would have to travel for a very long time to reach her destination. She had to care for her ailing mother for three years when she was 22. Then, in 2000, she had to say goodbye to her husband when he died suddenly, leaving her to care for their three children on her own. Rosa persevered and discovered a new interest to keep her going despite the fact that these things would break most people. She was maintained by her interest in gardening, which kept her happy.  “It is important to seek and find yourself. And my moment of peace is with them (plants). I go to my garden and talk to them.”

Rosa seemed to have had a life that had been well lived as the years passed, but destiny had other ideas. Unexpectedly, she received a call from industry professionals asking her to pose for them. “Twice it was by professionals from the Mega modeling agency and once by a photographer. I let the idea mature for a year, after all, it had costs too. It wasn’t something I was going to get into just like that, blindly.”

Being talented always leads to stardom, however. More than 45,000 people follow her on Instagram right now.

She was a 5 foot, 6 inches tall, naturally slim woman. She came from a rather natural background. She stated, “It was all based on tea, and in my essence, I am like that, kind of against everything that is chemistry. So I always took care of myself with aloe, coconut oil, olive oil.”  However, she emphasized the importance of having inner serenity. “The beauty itself is in really taking care of your thoughts, your spirituality. The person can become beautiful, captivating, and friendly. This is much more than the beauty all stretched and perfect. It’s the content that counts, in my opinion.” 

“I feel that slowly we are changing. People are living longer, taking care of themselves more and companies really need to open up more in that sense and visualize these potential customers.”