Elderly couple’s sweet reunion after months apart can’t hold their tears

After months apart, an elderly couple’s sweet reunion moved many to tears as they repeatedly reaffirmed their enduring love for each other in an emotional feat.

A touching video that has since gone viral shows the moment an elderly couple in New York City reunited after being separated for several months.

Jean Willard, 89 at the time, and her husband Walter Willard, 91 at the time, had a heartfelt reunion in May 2020, breaking into an emotional kissing spree. Many people have been inspired by their story to believe in true love.

Jean and Walter Willard getting emotional after reuniting. | Source: Youtube.com/CBS News

Jean and Walter had been married for 70 years and had been inseparable throughout their marriage. They were forced apart due to health concerns when the coronavirus hit the world in 2020.

Jean and Walter were always in good health, according to their daughters, Wanda Glenn and Wendy Gillard, despite being 89 and 91 at the time.

This was altered in 2019 when the former fell and fractured her pelvis. Unfortunately, this episode was followed by dementia symptoms, prompting their children to admit her to the Eddy Memorial Geriatric Center in Troy, New York.

They chose the care home because it was only a short distance from their house, making it easy for Walter to visit his wife. Unfortunately, their fortunes changed in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic struck.

Walter was unable to keep up with the visits due to the lockdown restrictions. The older man suffered a major health scare after the heartbreaking realization that he could no longer visit his wife.

His daughters revealed that he had a brain bleed after a fall, necessitating surgery and rehabilitation. They decided to move their father into the same facility as their mother after seeing how he struggled without his wife.

Notably, the care home’s safety restrictions prevented Walter from moving in during the peak of the pandemic. Wendy, the couple’s daughter, persuaded the director to reconsider.

The day of the reunion finally arrived, and the elderly couple’s wish was granted. A video of the touching moment, captured by staff members, showed the couple whispering “I love you” to each other, pausing only to lean in for another kiss and reflect on their 70 years together.