Ederly woman chastises a man for playing the piano, then he sits down and makes her suprised

An elderly woman chastises a man for playing the piano, but after he sits down, she quickly regrets her words.

She had no idea that he was a well-known and extraordinarily gifted musician.

No matter our age, we can all benefit from life lessons.
Most of us have grown up with a respect for authority figures. As a result of their greater knowledge and life experience, people who were born before us are generally regarded as having the most wisdom. But occasionally?

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They are simply mistaken.

You don’t just get in someone’s face because you don’t like the way they play, after all.

An elderly woman and a man in hoodies and sunglasses are seen having a bit of a “heated conversation” in front of a public piano in the amazing video down below.

They seem to be discussing learning to play the piano, and she apparently told him that he was “bashing” the instrument rather than actually playing it.

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Even further, the woman declares that she won’t spend any time with him. Woah. She must be enjoyable at gatherings.

She can be heard telling him to go online and watch tutorial videos or perhaps even enroll in a course to learn.

She has no idea that he is Brendan Kavanagh. Dr. K, also known as Brendan Kavanagh, is a British pianist and piano instructor, based on Wikipedia.

He is an expert in boogie-woogie music, which is almost always improvised and frequently mixed with classical, jazz, blues, rock, and roll, as well as traditional Irish music themes. He frequently plays pianos in public settings, sometimes in duets with friends or other musically inclined bystanders. Along with the piano accordion, he also plays traditional Irish music.

Brendan has amassed over 1.29 million followers on his YouTube channel, where he posts videos of his unexpected performances.
Since it was uploaded in 2012, this particular video has received over 9.2 million views, and as the video continues, it becomes clear why.

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Brendan sits down at the piano and begins to play as the elderly woman and her husband start to leave.

He initially gives the impression that he is “bashing” the piano by playing it quickly and vigorously in his trademark boogie-woogie manner.
The boisterous and upbeat music begins to draw onlookers and passersby in the mall.

Brendan slows it down a little bit after continuing to “bash” the piano keys, showcasing his piano skills even more. People passing by are compelled to pause and gaze. Who was this hooded man with the glasses?

Even though the elderly woman is no longer visible in the video, we can be sure that she was probably eating her words when she learned what he was capable of.

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One viewer remarked, “He certainly got everyone’s attention real quick,” said one viewer.

“That’s a shame that she bashed you for banging on the piano. While classical music is beautiful in its own way, boogie-woogie type stuff is what draws crowds of non-musical people that may spark interest,” said another.

For the elderly lady, a little humility training is in order.

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Similar sentiments were expressed in other comments.

“Brilliant piano playing. The elderly lady, well she needs to chill and accept that every pianist is different. He clearly has great talent,” commented another person.

“He should’ve started off with Mozart so she could hear how well he plays, and that it’s not just rock n roll that he’s gifted at,” suggested someone else.

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Dr. K probably could have played anything. He simply has a default style that he favors, and he excels greatly in that genre!

With his public piano performances, Brendan is no stranger to catching onlookers off guard; many of his videos have received millions and millions of views.

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He typically wears his distinctive hoodie and sunglasses to keep his identity somewhat of a secret.

It strengthens his aura of mystery.
To confuse people, he occasionally dresses up in a workman’s outfit before sitting down to tear up the ivory. His “costumes” do aid in drawing attention before his piano playing astounds onlookers.