Ed Begley Jr. and his daughter Hayden are keeping up their heartwarming tradition at the Oscars

Ed Begley Jr. and his daughter Hayden Carson Begley have made a tradition out of their environmentally conscious transportation to the Oscars, and this year was no different. The veteran actor has been doing this since 2014, showcasing the importance of sustainable travel options.

At the 95th Academy Awards, Begley and his daughter proudly displayed their subway cards on the champagne carpet at the Dolby Theatre, emphasizing their mode of transportation.

Rather than arriving in a limousine like many of their celebrity peers, the father-daughter duo walked from a nearby station to the venue. They first began walking to the Oscars in 2014, with Begley even riding his bike to the event the following year, undeterred by the rain.

Begley’s environmental advocacy has gained recognition, and this time around, he was joined by his daughter in making a strong statement on the Oscars’ champagne carpet. Their tradition of eco-friendly transportation highlights the need to consider sustainable options.

The 2023 Oscars also saw several other social issues highlighted during the ceremony. Notable nominees sported blue ribbons featuring the hashtag “#WithRefugees,” which were crafted in collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency’s Coalition.

The ribbon serves as a symbol of compassion and solidarity with refugees, displaced, or forced to flee their homes due to war and persecution. With this gesture, the Oscars not only recognized outstanding achievements in film but also acknowledged the resilience and strength of refugees.

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