Each glass of tap water you consume has been consumed by ten people before you

I hope you’re prepared to hear some bad news: every glass of water you down has probably already been peed in ten times.

Yes, as you are surely aware, all of the water in the world today has existed for the past five billion years.

So it makes sense that the water you’ve been drinking has already been through a variety of other species throughout that time, including people.

This is an intriguing, though slightly challenging, equation that someone at economics.com used to calculate how many others have consumed the same water as you: Pee ratio is calculated as follows: (total water urinated)/(total water) = (total biomass of all vertebrates ever to have lived* pee rate)/(total water) = (mean biomass of vertebrates * pee rate per year * years of vertebrates)/ (total water).

According to the author of the article, this means that on average, the atoms in a water molecule have already been concentrated roughly ten times, and that estimate is only a “conservative estimate.”

According to the author, a “more likely” situation would actually amount to “water having been piss around 25 times already.”

If you want even more knowledge, he continues by explaining that water has been fish pee some 10 times, mammal piss roughly twice, and other forms of piss 13 times. 

Even though the water that comes out of the taps in our country has been extensively treated and is absolutely safe and wholesome to drink, I won’t lie and say that this hasn’t put a damper on my enjoyment of brews; it has.

On the other hand, if you live in an older home, it is probably better to steer clear of drinking the water that comes out of the sink in your bathroom.

According to the findings of the study that was conducted by Scottish Water in collaboration with WaterSafe, the safety of the water that you consume may be influenced by factors such as the room in which you consume it as well as the age of your home.

The first issue that arises when consuming water from the sink in the bathroom is that, in older homes, the water from the bathroom sink will be less fresh than the water from the sink in the kitchen. This is because the water from the bathroom sink will have been stored in a tank at the highest point of the home.

However, those who use an excessive amount of water from the bathroom sink face an even greater risk. Before 1970, it was normal practice to use lead in the pipe that connected the bathroom taps in homes and other buildings in the UK. This toxic metal is slowly dissolved into the water supply over time, which has the potential to cause a wide variety of severe symptoms.