Dying dog found on the side of the road; 2 months later, his transformation is remarkable

Animals roam the streets without homes all over the world, struggling to survive every day. They consume whatever food they can find, but occasionally they must go without.

These animals are especially vulnerable to infections, and many have illnesses like mange. Fortunately, there are many animal heroes who care about these creatures and go above and beyond to assist them.

This poor dog was discovered by a rescue organization just in time. He was on the side of the road dying from mange.

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You won’t believe this dog’s improvement after two months!

In India, a dog that was too weak to move was discovered lying by the side of a road.

In addition to being dehydrated, the dog had lost all of its fur due to the itchy, uncomfortable disease mange. It was in terrible shape.

When workers from the Indian street animal rescue group Animal Aid Unlimited spotted the dog by the side of the road, they wasted no time in bringing him inside.

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The animal heroes used a net to catch the dog because they knew it couldn’t survive another day without care and they couldn’t risk it escaping.

On his first day, the dog was very reserved and didn’t want the human heroes to touch him. However, staff persisted, spending hours attempting to feed the helpless animal and treat its excruciating skin condition.

Ten days into the medication, the mange had almost completely disappeared.

After two months, the dog had a completely different appearance, and its fur and appetite had begun to grow back.

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This lovely white coat emerged when the dog’s fur began to grow back, and a dog who responded well to affection and attention emerged.

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Such a contrast to the despondent, reclusive state that staff first brought in. We are fortunate that there are organizations like this one.