During the six-hour flight, passengers sing “Baby Shark” to soothe a crying child

The young passenger had been sobbing nonstop until a few fellow travellers tried to cheer him up, at which point everyone started singing “Baby Shark.”

Nobody enjoys hearing a crying child on a plane, but what can you do? There is no other way for parents who have children to travel. The least other travellers can do is show consideration for parents rather than making fun of them for their child’s cries. One group of passengers demonstrated the most moral way to handle a crying child. The video was uploaded by TikTok user @parikshitbalochi and showed a group of travellers singing “Baby Shark” together to comfort a crying child. According to God.Dailydot, the infant can be seen listening to the well-known song and cheering up. Instantly going viral, the video has received over 9.3 million views. Additionally, it received more than 550,000 likes.


Midway through the song, the TikTok user begins recording, showing a crying child being carried by a man who appears to be moving the child up and down the plane as the other passengers sing “Baby Shark.” A group of passengers can be seen singing and clapping along to the song as the camera pans to them. Although it appeared that only half of the seats were occupied, the passengers were enthusiastic and tried to cheer the kid up with the song. The user of TikTok uploaded the video along with the text, “Crying baby on the plane? No problem!” They captioned it “Shark! #fyp #flydubai #foryoupage #babyshark #dubai.” 

The incident is thought to have happened earlier this month during a six-hour flight from Dubai to Albania. The person who posted the video to TikTok claimed they were seated next to the family whose child had been “crying nonstop” throughout the flight. Passengers then made the decision to assist the family in calming the infant. “First individually people sitting around him tried distracting him, but when nothing worked out a group of guys, including me, started singing Baby Shark and more people joined in,” he said.


It just goes to show that people would be wise to refrain from judging or blaming the parents of crying children, especially given the fact that there isn’t much the parents can do to stop the child from crying. No one expects a flight full of passengers to sing “Baby shark” every time, but a little tolerance and understanding can help prevent parents of young children from feeling uncomfortable on the flight. One parent was genuinely moved by the passengers’ generosity. “Really lovely to see this, unless you are a parent, you won’t know the struggle that parents do traveling by plane with their little kids,” they wrote.

The passengers’ attempt to calm the baby with the song received praise from TikTok users. One user commented, “All passengers passed the vibe check,” wrote one user. “See what can happen when we all work together instead of against each other?” wrote another. One person commented, “Hyping up and supporting parents who are doing their best.” The incident reinforced the faith in the humanity of people. “Never underestimate the kindness of strangers, love it,” wrote one person. One person perfectly summed it up and wrote, “It literally costs nothing to be a decent person. We need more of this.”