Donny Osmond dedicates a song to his wife in honor of their 42nd wedding anniversary

No pop star comparable to Donny Osmond existed for a generation of women. Osmond was one of the biggest adolescent idols of the 1970s, and songs like “Go Away Little Girl” and “Puppy Love” made females swoon.

But he has just one lady in his heart: his wife Debbie, to whom he has been wed since 1978.

These two have been together for decades, despite the fact that Hollywood relationships come and go and celebrities frequently go through many marriages.

Additionally, on May 8, the two just commemorated their 42nd wedding anniversary.

Even though the celebration was constrained by the coronavirus’s social distancing, Donny nonetheless found a way to express his love for Debbie.

He shared some touching Instagram pictures of the two over the years.

He posted: “The greatest silver lining of a stay-at-home order is the chance to spend quality time at home with my sweetheart.”

What more could you ask for as an anniversary gift when he also said that he was creating a brand-new song about her that would be included on a brand-new album?

He shared: “I love Debbie more with every passing day.”

Together, Donny and Debbie have 10 grandchildren and five sons. To honor his wife, his own mother, and the moms of his grandkids, Donny posted another blog entry on Sunday in honor of Mother’s Day:

On his wife’s birthday in February, Donny wrote: “Something I’ve noticed over the years is Debbie’s unique relationship with time.”

“Time seems to rob many of us of our youthful glow, good looks, and intelligence. Yet somehow, time makes Debbie even more stunningly radiant, intelligent and beautiful with every passing year.”

Donny is still active as a performer even after his days as a teen star are long gone. He participated in Dancing with the Stars and finished as runner-up in The Masked Singer’s inaugural season.

Additionally, he and his sister Marie had a long-running, lucrative residency in Las Vegas that ended in November of last year.