Donna Kelce makes history as the first mother to watch two sons compete in the Super Bowl

On Sunday, February 12, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will play in Super Bowl LVII. However, the brothers Jason Kelce, 35, and Travis Kelce, 33, will be on the opposing sides, leaving the Kelce family with a difficult decision over which club to support.

Both parents, Ed and Donna Kelce, are claimed to have juggled games all season. Additionally, on the same day, their mother was watching games in Tampa Bay and Kansas City. She tweeted, “#HeightsHighandUCBearcatSuperBowl,” after learning that her kids will be playing in the Super Bowl, referring to Travis and Jason’s attendance at Cleveland Heights High School and later the University of Cincinnati.

Source: Twitter

In a Fox8 interview, Donna discussed her thoughts on her sons competing against one another. She said, “It’s your hopes and dreams coming true, but it’s your worst fears.” “Somebody is going to go home a loser, and neither one of them lose very well,” as reported by CBS8.

According to kcby, Donna will be the first mother whose two boys will face off in the Super Bowl. However, because they both play offense, there won’t be a direct confrontation between the players. The Eagles’ Jason is an All-Pro center, while the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce is an All-Pro right end.

Both players are regarded as crucial parts of their teams. In the NFC Championship game, Jason’s “blocking dominance” gave his team a lead over the San Francisco 49ers in the first half. Travis had seven catches for 78 yards and a touchdown following their team’s victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship. Travis responded when asked about the Super Bowl duel against his brother: “my mom can’t lose. I’ll just leave it at that.”

Not just the Kelce brothers are making Super Bowl history this year. Two Black starting quarterbacks will be playing in this game for the first time as well. The Chiefs will be led by Patrick Mahomes, while the Eagles are led by Jalen Hurts. Mahomes will become the first Black quarterback with multiple Super Bowl victories if the Chiefs defeat the Eagles. Hurts will become the fourth quarterback to win a Super Bowl if it goes the other way. Mahomes, Doug Williams, and Rusell Wilson are some such athletes that have triumphed in the past.

Source: Twitter

On Twitter, there is now a conversation about this. NFL quarterback Warren Moon, who is in the Hall of Fame, tweeted: “I’m so proud to see Jalen and Patrick as the first 2 African American QBs to face each other in the Super Bowl! We have come a long way. 🙌🏽” Additionally, Magic Johnson said that both quarterbacks are contending for the NFL MVP award. He said,  “What a historic moment, this will be the first time two Black starting quarterbacks will face each other in the Super Bowl, and they both are leading candidates for NFL MVP! I can’t wait to watch!”