Donkey who spend 12 years being abused thanks his rescuer with endless kisses

This video posted on the Facebook page of Santuario Compasion Animal of a donkey named Pippin receiving kisses from his caretaker is the cutest thing you’ll see all day. The story behind the connection between these two will melt your heart. 

Pippin had a history of abuse. He spent twelve years without any love, care, or affection. According to the video’s caption, Pippin is learning that there are hands that instead of hitting, caress, and mouths that instead of screaming, give kisses. This is why his caretaker, Alberto, wants to ensure that this precious boy knows he deserves all the kisses in the world. We cannot fathom what Pippin endured in the past, but we can look forward to his future: a safe, loving, forever home filled with as many kisses as he could ever want. It appears that Pippin is not shy about giving kisses! As you can see, farm animals and household pets have many similarities. In addition to being social, intelligent, and affectionate, they have their own preferences, dislikes, and personalities! Like Pippin, all beings seek happiness. Compassion should not be limited to certain species, but should be extended to all living things. Donkey who was mistreated for 12 years thanks his rescuer with endless kisses.