The adopted donkey, who believes he is a dog, cannot stop waggling his tail when he sees his father

Man’s best companion is often referred to as a dog, both in words and actions. To understand the strong affinity and loyalty that exist between them, one only needs to observe a human with a canine. A long-lasting, committed connection.

However, you have never heard anyone say that a donkey is a man’s best friend.

Since owning these animals as pets is not very common. Walter the little donkey disagrees, though. Or perhaps it’s the complete opposite, which explains why he behaves like a dog.

He was adopted by a family in Oatman, Arizona, and grew up surrounded by three German shepherd dogs who were like his siblings and taught him a lot.

It didn’t take Walter long to get used to his new home with human parents and canine siblings. He quickly picked up enough manners to get along with everyone in the family.

The most shocking thing, however, was that in addition to receiving an excellent education from his canine brothers, he also picked up more of their behaviors, such as waving his tail excitedly, sleeping like them, and even leaping on top of his human father.

“We never imagined how much Walter would change our lives for the better,” said his human dad Brad Blake.