Domino’s worker surprises birthday girl after no one shows up to her party

Last week, Lauren O’Rourke, a mother, had to call the Domino’s restaurant in Coolum, Queensland, Australia, to cancel a sizable order she had previously booked for her daughter’s birthday party since the girl’s pals failed to show up. A surprising gift from a Domino’s employee, however, made the birthday girl’s day. In a Facebook post, Domino’s Australia explained that the store’s shift manager, Miles, had made the decision to do something extra to try to cheer the girl up after learning that no one had attended her birthday party.

On its official Facebook page, Domino’s Australia shared a photo of Miles along with the statement, “Last week, Domino’s Coolum received a call from a local Mum hoping to cancel the large order she had placed as a number of her daughter’s peers hadn’t turned up to her birthday party.” Miles immediately devised a plan and made a temporary cake after hearing this. “When she arrived at the store to collect the one pizza, shift supervisor Miles surprised her with a custom chocolate dessert pizza topped with churros & brownies! Thank you Miles for going the extra ‘mile’ to help turn this customer’s day around,” the post referred to. Miles posed for a picture with the cake and a pizza box with the words “Happy B’Day” written in chocolate on the reverse before the order was picked up.

The act deeply touched Lauren, who expressed her gratitude by writing on Facebook, “Skylahs birthday💖 this was the most wonderfully kind and generous and so loving gesture from Miles and the team at our local domino’s . 🌻☺️❤️ Son – daughter 🙂”

The pleased mom added a comment to Dominos Australia’s post and stated, “This is heartbreaking, as a mum of a couple of autistic kids I know what it’s like when your children don’t have friends to invite to parties. this story really touched my heart. I hope the love being sent to this Mum for her daughter lets her know that there are a lot of beautiful people out there, just like Miles, and reminds her daughter that this happens but it won’t always be like this. He will find his tribe xx.”