Dolly Parton has been secretly funding high school bands for years and has never sought recognition

A journalist revealed that she has been footing the bill for several black high school bands’ instruments, equipment, uniforms, and other expenses for years. ❤️

You’ve either had your head in the sand or haven’t heard of Dolly Parton and her numerous philanthropic endeavors if you haven’t heard of Dolly Parton.

Her name is synonymous with country music, but she is also known for her generous heart.
And she frequently gives without making a big deal about it. However, one journalist recently revealed some of her secrets.

Journalist and author Michael Harriot revealed that she has been footing the bill for several black high school bands’ instruments, equipment, uniforms, and other expenses for years.

“Here’s a quietly wonderful thing I noticed: If you talk to someone who was in choir or band at a majority Black HS, you’ll eventually discuss those annoying fundraisers for uniforms, instruments, etc. & a SURPRISING number will casually say: ‘Oh, Dolly Parton paid for ours,’” he tweeted.

This was confirmed by students in the thread.

One student stated that they were in high school marching band in East Tennessee three decades ago a n

DANG, that band was well-equipped — uniforms, instruments, flags, the works. Much poverty in the mountains. Dolly Parton paid for it. “That woman is a national treasure,” the writer said.

Another person mentioned how she paid for students at Pigeon Forge Middle School to have their own lockers instead of sharing one with two or more other students.

One person even claimed to know a funeral director who claimed Parton used to regularly pay for funerals for people who couldn’t otherwise afford them.
According to Upworthy, Parton has made significant contributions to schools in her hometown of Sevier County. Her Buddy Contract program, which began in 1988, awards $1,000 to each 7th and 8th grade student who pairs up and graduates.

The program’s condition is that they do not drop out of school and that they help each other with issues that might cause them to drop out.

If the student encounters problems that they are unable to resolve, they are instructed to contact Parton directly.
According to PinkNews, Parton also pays the full tuition, book costs, and any other fees for all of her Dollywood employees who attend college.

Her Imagination Library provides free books to children from birth to the age of five.

That program has been in operation for about 27 years.
When devastating fires struck Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Parton stepped up to donate more than $12.5 million to fire-affected families.

For about six months, she gave $1,000 per month to 900 families. Her foundation increased it to $5,000 in the last month.

She also gave $1 million to Vanderbilt University Medical, which was collaborating with Modern on the development of the first COVID-19 vaccine.

“’Aunt Dolly’ is celebrated in our home. She emailed my daughter on her birthday last weekend. So much of Nashville/TN has her explicit and implicit stamp on it. Dolly, like Wu-Tang, is for the children,” wrote one commenter on Harriot’s thread.

She received the National Education Association’s 2022 Friend of Education Award for her Imagination Library project and dedication to early childhood literacy.