Dog with a short body and no neck has found a loving family

Cooper, a unique American foxhound, was born with a rare genetic condition known as “short spine syndrome,” resulting in fused and compressed vertebrae. Despite his challenging start in life at a puppy mill and subsequent abandonment due to his birth defect, Cooper has defied the odds and found a loving home.

Elly Keegan, Cooper’s owner, explained that his spine is fused in two places, giving him the appearance of having no neck. To look behind him, he must turn his entire body. Cooper’s distinctive appearance and disability made finding the right home a difficult task, but Elly and her family welcomed him with open arms.

Dog with a short body and no neck has found a loving family

While some may have overlooked Cooper due to his unique looks, or worse, considered euthanasia due to his disability, Elly has a compassionate heart for differently-abled dogs. She was prepared for the medical attention Cooper would require and received support from Secondhand Hounds, the shelter that rescued him.

Although Cooper has faced some medical setbacks, including a fractured neck and a bone infection, he has also seen improvements. A surgery has made it easier for him to go to the bathroom independently. Despite his challenges, Cooper remains the happiest dog, and people are always delighted to see him.

Dog with a short body and no neck has found a loving family

Elly shared that wherever Cooper goes, he draws attention and thoroughly enjoys the spotlight. He has garnered a substantial following on Facebook, with numerous fans captivated by his friendly nature.

This heartwarming story reminds us that all dogs, regardless of their appearance or special needs, deserve love and care. Cooper’s perfect home, where he is cherished just the way he is, is a testament to the power of compassion and acceptance.

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