Dog approaches the father and begs him to accompany him to distant trees in the forest

Banjo had detected the presence of trouble. Dogs possess an extraordinary sense of smell.

They are able to detect odours that are undetectable to humans, which is why they are frequently used for search and rescue missions. And occasionally, a dog’s sense of smell is useful in unexpected ways.

Banjo, a nine-month-old German wirehaired pointer, detected an intriguing odour while cross-country skiing with his owner near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Kerry, who asked that his last name not be used, told The Dodo, “Banjo has a distinct tail whip and body movement when he’s around fresh animal scent, so when I saw him run for the trees I knew something was there, I assumed it was going to be a porcupine, bird or rabbit.”

But Banjo had discovered something a bit stranger than a wild animal. As Kerry approached the trees, he noticed movement beneath a bush.


The next instant, a golden, furry head emerged from the snow. It was a puppy Golden Retriever!
The dog appeared to have dug himself a burrow in the snow, where he had been sleeping for several days, in an attempt to avoid the snow.


The poor dog was obviously lost, and Banjo found him at the perfect moment.

Kerry stated, “He was terrified and chilly,” Kerry said. “He allowed Banjo near him, but I couldn’t get very close.”

Kerry was incapable of coaxing the dog out of his hiding place due to the animal’s extreme anxiety.
Ultimately, he called animal control, who was able to reach the dog’s frantic owners.


Kerry stated, “Only when I put his owner on speakerphone did he show signs of moving,” Kerry said. “I was able to coax him out of the bush with some treats, but he still wouldn’t let me get that close.”

It was revealed that the dog’s name was Louie and that he had vanished from a nearby dog park a few days earlier.
A subsequent snowstorm had blanketed the area in snow, making it even more difficult for Louie’s owners to locate him.

At the time of the call, Louie’s mother was out searching for the lost dog with a search party. When she learned that he had been found unharmed, she ran the thirty-minute distance through the snow to reach him.

Kerry was deeply moved by the situation, and even more so because he had experienced something similar.
“Banjo was stolen in August, so I held back some tears as I kinda know the feeling!” He said. “There were lots of friends of Louie and some laughs and happy tears from his owner Julia — a waggy butt and a very excited and hungry Louie! It was very sweet.”

As soon as Louie saw his loved ones again, he was no longer afraid. The story could have had a very different conclusion if not for Banjo’s exceptional sense of smell.

The starving dog was fed, and Julia and Kerry shared a beer to celebrate Banjo the Very Good Dog.

We are overjoyed that Banjo was able to locate Louie and that he spent the holidays with his family. What a happy conclusion!