Doctors told his mother he wouldn’t live past 11, but he’ll turn 62 very soon

Joey’s mom, Bobbi, was informed that he wouldn’t live past the age of 11. His mother’s doctor was actually rather blunt about it when he was delivered.

Bobbi recalled: “The doctor came in and never asked my name and said to me, ‘You have to put him away. He’ll never talk. He’ll never walk. He’ll never know who you are. He will live to the age of 11 and that will be the end of it.’”

But now, sixty years later, Joey has shown all of his doubters how wrong they were.  On the 29th of June, he turned 62 years old.


According to Bobbi, who is very close to turning 90 years old, the time period in which her son was born in Ohio was very different. Only a very small percentage of people have any understanding of Down syndrome or developmental problems.

It was common practice for medical professionals to recommend that parents put their infants in residential care.

Bobbi mentioned that 62 years ago, when nobody knew about this disease, they hid them away in the house. They did not send them outside to go walking or engage in any other activity.


Joey’s family organized a car parade for her son to participate in as a birthday present for him.

While many people regard their birthdays as just another day or one more year, according to Bobbi, for her son it is yet another year in which Joey is beating the odds.

Joey, happy birthday! Although it’s terrible to consider that some people don’t have faith in you, a great deal of people do.