Discover Valkyrie, a Maine Coon cat known for having an oddly human-like visage

If you believe a cat that resembles your uncle John would be adorable.

Because Valkyrie has what is being referred as as “a creepy human face,” the internet is freaking out about it.


But truly, it’s alarming how much this cat resembles a human. After her breeder shared a video of her on Instagram, people started criticizing her for having an anthropomorphic appearance.

And she has the appearance of a gloomy elderly gentleman.


The cat has a combination of facial traits that give her the appearance of a male senior citizen.

Her eyes are most human 

Her lips appears to be in a worried and attentive position, as though she is about to tell you to get off of her lawn.


Her face also has an unusually round shape. [Case in point] Metro provides the clearest explanation for it, stating that it “looks like an old man has been superimposed onto her head.”

In addition to that, she possesses hair that is the color of salt and pepper.

It brings to mind those chin hairs that are about two inches long that, whenever you look at grandma, you can’t help but gaze at.

When you consider everything together, you can’t help but wonder if Valkyrie goes to bed at four in the morning and wakes up at four in the afternoon.

When you zoom in on its face, it honestly does not even appear like the face of a cat.

The upbeat news is that there are a few pictures where Valkyrie appears to be enjoying happiness.

The even more excellent news is that it seems as though Valkyrie will have a home to call her own permanently.

According to one of the posts, she is being held in reserve for a person named Natalie. We have high hopes that Natalie will be able to provide her pet the kind of love that she justly deserves.