Disabled cow and giant tortoise have an unlikely friendship, and it is incredibly sweet

When things go wrong, it can be hard to see how things will get better. But even the worst parts of our lives can lead us to a new, better part of our lives. Just look at Simon and Leonardo, who is his best friend. The baby cow and the giant tortoise are an odd pair, but their troubled lives have brought them together, and now they are safe and have a true friend in each other.

In 2016, Simon was still a baby. He got one of his legs caught in some vines, and the leg had to be cut off. The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand saved him and took care of him. They gave him a prosthetic leg and took him to their animal sanctuary. Simon had lost his leg, but he was about to make a new best friend.

Simon wasn’t ready to join the other rescue cows right away when he got to the sanctuary. Simon was put in a large enclosure by himself so he could get over the trauma he had been through and grow a bit. But he wasn’t really by himself…

Leonardo, an African spurred tortoise, lost his home in 2013 when the zoo where he lived closed. Leonardo was saved, though, by

WFFT took him to their animal sanctuary, where he began a new, happy life.

Leonardo was just going about his business when he noticed that a new animal had moved into his enclosure. Leonardo’s comfortable life at the sanctuary got even better when a baby cow with a prosthetic leg walked in.

Simon fell in love with Leonardo as soon as he saw him. The baby cow and the giant tortoise became very close right away, which made the staff at the sanctuary laugh. Their site says,

WFFT said that Simon and Leonardo were often seen eating, resting, and going for walks together.

The staff and the rest of the world were happy about their sudden friendship. It shows how close real friends are and reminds us that friendship comes from the inside and isn’t based on looks or other superficial things.

“We hope this unusual friendship continues to flourish,”

WFFT said that, and we have to agree with them. We think Simon and Leonard look great together, and we hope they have a long and happy life together.