Devoted single father raises son with all his heart, one day finds out boy is not his

One month following the birth of his son, a man’s wife deserted him, leaving him to care for their baby all by himself. Initially, the man struggled to adapt to his new role as a single parent, but he eventually became more comfortable with his responsibilities. Unbeknownst to him, however, the child was not biologically his, and he would soon be forced to part with the boy.

New Jersey resident Dominique Hermann was overjoyed when his third child, Sa’kye Dominique, was born on January 22, 2019. Despite having experienced fatherhood before, Hermann was thrilled and as ecstatic as a first-time dad.

Nonetheless, just a month after his child was born, Hermann’s life was turned upside down by an unforeseen event. The mother of his child left and did not return.

The Single Father

Following the sudden departure of the baby’s mother, Hermann was left with no choice but to raise his child as a single parent. Despite his lack of experience in caring for an infant, he was able to rise to the occasion and take on the responsibilities of fatherhood.

The father shared that he had employed a babysitter who provided her services for free. Furthermore, his family assisted him in raising the child, and Hermann quickly adapted to his new role. He remembered that his parents began helping him when Dominique was four months old.

The single father envisioned his baby’s future, all the while pondering why he had been placed in such a difficult position by fate. Little did he know at that time that his baby would not be with him permanently.

An Unexpected Discovery

Hermann became a father for the third time when he was over 40, and he admitted that having a child was not on his list of priorities. Nonetheless, he endeavored to be the best possible father to his newborn, unaware that life would soon present him with a difficult challenge.

After raising his child for nine months, Hermann was abruptly informed that he was not Dominique’s biological father. As a result, he was compelled to relinquish custody of his 10-month-old son to another family, whom he knew nothing about.

Returning His Baby

Upon discovering that Dominique’s biological father wanted him back, Hermann was devastated. He was required to comply with a court order and prepare to say goodbye to his beloved child – something that he had never anticipated or imagined would happen.

Hermann frequently shared updates about his child on his Instagram account (@chefdomcreates). In a poignant post, the father revealed that he had to give Dominique back to his biological father “like a rented toy.” He added:

“I do hope he’s in God’s hands and will forever be my son.”

A Heartbreaking Moment

Despite feeling helpless, Hermann consented to relinquish custody of Dominique to his biological family. Although it was not an easy decision for him, he recognized the emotional turmoil that the birth father must have been experiencing, and he complied with the court’s orders. In his own words:

“If I were his dad, I would want him back too.”

Following his conversation with Dominique’s biological family, Hermann stated that he could not hold them responsible for the situation. Instead, he empathized with them, despite his own desire to keep the child with him always.

It Was Hard

Hermann had eagerly anticipated celebrating Dominique’s first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday, so he experienced deep sadness on November 22, 2019, when the child’s biological father took him, taking with him a piece of Hermann’s heart.

After the heartbreaking separation, Hermann expressed his hope that Dominique’s new father and family would love him as much as Hermann and his family did. Although he felt devastated, Hermann prayed that his child would receive the best of everything.

The absence of little Dominique made it challenging for Hermann to adjust to his new life. No one could fill the void left behind by the baby. Having developed a close bond with his son for ten months, Hermann found it difficult to live without him. He missed his baby terribly.

Another Surprise

After enduring the most challenging two months of his life since Dominique’s departure, Hermann received an incredible opportunity when the biological father invited Hermann and his family to visit the little boy.

When they finally reunited after two months, Hermann shared a heartwarming photo of the little boy sleeping on his chest. The single father felt incredibly grateful to Dominique’s biological father because he never thought he would see his boy again.

Following their reunion, Hermann regularly shared photos and videos of his son on Instagram, expressing his deep longing for him. A year after his son was taken away, Hermann posted a video of that day and shared that he had come to accept God’s plan for his life.

Despite the immense challenges he faced when he had to give up his son, Hermann learned to live without him. His story demonstrates the unpredictability of life and how, even in the face of hardship, it’s possible to keep going.