Detailed Video Illustrates Contrasts Between Consuming Alcohol on Empty Stomach and Full Stomach

Have you ever made the somewhat foolish choice of buying a round of drinks, fully aware that you haven’t had a single meal since breakfast, all in the quest for a faster intoxication?

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider that specific habit, especially now that the disparities between consuming alcohol on an empty stomach versus a full one have been meticulously showcased in an elaborate video.

This video, shared on TikTok, provides a comprehensive explanation of the concept. Take a look:

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The information provided in the video suggests that when alcohol exits the mouth, it moves through the esophagus into the stomach. In cases where there is no solid food present in the stomach, a significant portion of the alcohol progresses into the small intestine. This facilitates direct contact with the intestinal walls, leading to a quicker passage into the bloodstream. As a result, the entirety of alcohol from a single drink could be absorbed within approximately 30 minutes.

Conversely, if alcohol is consumed alongside food, it remains within the stomach along with the ingested food. This scenario leads to less efficient absorption due to the presence of food. Consequently, the alcohol is not able to transition immediately into the small intestine. This distinction highlights the influence of consuming alcohol on an empty stomach versus a full stomach.

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Additionally, the video highlights that alcohol increases stomach acid, potentially causing stomach pain or intestinal sores in those who frequently abuse alcohol. Thus, the video recommends eating a substantial meal while drinking to counteract these effects.

The video concludes by stating that fatty meals can significantly decrease the peak blood alcohol concentration (BAC) by up to 50% compared to when alcohol is consumed on an empty stomach.

After amassing over 22.2 million views on the platform, the video has gained viral status. The substantial view count is accompanied by a plethora of comments from users expressing their reactions and insights.

Among the comments, numerous individuals shared their own personal experiences related to drinking on an empty stomach. One TikTok user disclosed, “I once drank tequila on an empty stomach, never again.”

“I fell down the stairs, fell onto some random persons table and walked into traffic.”


A second warned: “Not worth drinking on a empty stomach. I spent the next day throwing up every hour.”

“In short, eat before drinking alcohol,” declared a third.

Study: Alcohol-related deaths rise among women in U.S.

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