Despite divorcing, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger continue to spend time with their kids

Divorce can alter a family’s structure for better or worse.

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger were married for 25 years before Shriver requested a divorce in 2011. Schwarzenegger’s shocking statement caused the former couple to separate in 2011, although their divorce wasn’t formalized until December 2021.

Nevertheless, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have remained close and have kept their connection going throughout the course of the previous ten years, despite the fact that they are no longer a couple.

“Just because my parents aren’t necessarily together doesn’t mean anything or affect our family in any kind of way,” said Katherine, the couple’s eldest daughter, who is now 32 years old.

Despite the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver got divorced after it was revealed that the former governor of California had a kid with the family’s longtime maid, Schwarzenegger held out hope that he and Shriver could get back together.

Unfortunately, it did not turn out to be the case, and in 2021, they finalized their divorce and moved on with their lives.

The relationship that the former couple had with each other changed over time, but the connection that they maintained with their four children was unaffected.

When they made the announcement that they were divorcing, both of them referred to their children as the “light” and the “center” of their existence.

They have gotten together over the years to commemorate special occasions and key holiday events.

And because their eldest child is now a parent to two girls of her own, it’s possible that the former couple will be spending even more time together in the years to come as they see the development of their grandkids.

Even though it’s not possible for everyone, I’m happy to report that Arnold and Maria were able to continue their relationship after their divorce. Even if they have chosen not to continue their lives as a couple, they continue to function as a unit of the family.