Despite being wealthy with a fortune of 263 million, Rod Stewart still buys supermarket specs, washes dishes & cleans home

With a six-decade career, Sir Rod Stewart has been ranked as one of the richest musicians. According to estimates, the British native is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

The youngest of five children, Stewart was born Roderick David Stuart in London in 1945. He enjoyed playing soccer and building railroads as a child.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that he first started taking an interest in music, when he taught himself how to play the harmonica and, later, the piano. At the age of 15, he decided to forego his education in order to pursue a career as a soccer player in a professional league.

When that opportunity did not present itself, however, Stewart decided to pursue a career in music. In October 1963, he became a member of an R&B band in London known as The Dimensions. This was Stewart’s first gig as a performing musician. He was a member of the band and contributed vocals in addition to playing the harmonica.

In the years that followed, the rocker became a member of several music groups and began to establish a name for himself. As a result of his punk-rock appearance and musical aesthetic, he became known by the moniker Rod The Mod.

After that, he sought a solo career and eventually earned a contract with Mercury Records. Every Picture Tells a Story, the album that Stewart released in 1971 and which contained some of his popular songs, including “Maggie May” and “Reason to Believe,” propelled Stewart to the forefront of the music industry. In 1975, after finally getting his big break, he relocated to the Los Angeles area.

Throughout his stellar career, Stewart has amassed 11 number-one singles and 12 number-one albums in the United States and the United Kingdom respectively.

He was included on the Sunday Times Rich list on many occasions and was ranked No. 33 on Q magazine’s list of the Top 100 Singers of All Time. According to recent reports, Stewart’s net worth is roughly $263.97 million.

Stewart Has a Laid-Back Family Home Life

Even though he is a global sensation, Stewart still prioritizes spending time with his large family. In November of 2021, he shared a video of himself and the people he cares about having a great time in the kitchen while they were cleaning up.

The Stewart family was observed cleaning up the kitchen while simultaneously dancing to a tune that was playing in the background. The family patriarch posted a message on his Instagram account that read, “Sundays are for family!”

He is heard saying in the video, “We’ve had a lovely Sunday dinner tonight. This is my daughter. She’s clearing up. Here are my two sons. They’re all clearing up. We’re a family. And my lovely wife cooked the dinner. And if you want the secret to dinner? Have we had a drink or two? Yes, we have.”

It should come as no surprise that Stewart is the one who is in charge of making sure that everyone cleans up the house, as he has stated in the past that he cannot tolerate to be in a messy environment:

“I’m pretty good around the house. I like a tidy house. Penny is really untidy. I do wash dishes, and I go, ‘I bet Elton or Bruce Springsteen don’t do this.’ We have got staff but I do like to go and do it.”

Additionally, Stewart contributes to the household chore of cooking meals. In November of 2019, he posted a video of himself peeling potatoes in the dining room and stated that everyone in the household was expected to contribute in some way to the preparations for the holiday meal. In the caption of his post, he wished everyone a “Merry Christmas!”

Stewart makes it his aim to be of service to the community in which he was raised, despite the fact that he suffers from poor eyesight. During the month of March in 2022, he assisted in filling potholes outside of his Essex estate and shared a clip while shoveling muck on the roadway.

Stewart is so diligent in maintaining his home that he regularly cleans his garage. He shared images of himself holding a paint can on his home in March 2020 and wrote:

“Taking this time at home to have a clear out of the garage.”

The “Ooh La La” singer dressed in all-white, including a tank top and white-washed denim pants, even though he chose to get his hands dirty for the spring cleaning.

Whatever the challenge, Stewart never stops being himself, and his followers adore that about him. They sent him a comment on his post saying how much they liked the way he cleaned.

The dad of eight children

Eight of Stewart’s children were born to five different mothers. He has two daughters: Sara Streeter, with his ex-girlfriend Susannah Boffey, and Ruby, with his ex-girlfriend and model Kelly Emberg. The former couple did give up their child for adoption, and Evelyn and Gerald Thubron reared her as their own.

The Grammy Award winner later had children with his first wife, actress Alana Stewart, to whom he was wed from 1979 until 1984, including daughter Kimberly and son Sean.

Renee and Liam, two additional children, were born to Stewart and his second wife, model Rachel Hunter. Their marriage lasted from 1990 till 2006. Aiden and Alastair, his two little sons, were born to him and his third wife, Lancaster, to whom he has been married since 2007.

Stewart’s daughter Kimberly and actor Benicio De Toro welcomed Delilah del Toro into the world in 2011, making Stewart a grandfather. He joyously revealed in January 2023 that he will once more become a grandfather.

The Hall of Famer said that Jack Kalick, the partner of his daughter Ruby, and the couple’s first child will arrive in April 2023. The delighted expectant mother shared ultrasound footage on her Instagram page to announce the good news.

We wish his extended family happiness always!

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