Derek Hough marries Hayley Erbert in majestic redwood forest wedding with epic barn dance party

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert, the pair that once competed on Dancing with the Stars, have formalized their union in matrimony.

On a Saturday in Monterey County, California, the couple tied the knot in the presence of 106 guests.

Erbert fondly recounts their wedding taking place beside a majestic mother tree encircled by numerous smaller trees within a redwood forest. This striking setting’s symbolism is profound; akin to how the mother tree guards and nurtures its offspring, they are embarking on a journey to create their own family, symbolized by the act of sowing seeds.

The festivities kicked off on Thursday with a warm welcome soirée hosted at a breathtaking clifftop residence in Carmel. The arrangement of this stunning venue was overseen by Erbert, 28, with the assistance of Simply Troy Lifestyle + Events. Hough, expressing his awe, lauded the location as one of the most exquisite he had seen, comparing it to something out of a fairytale.

Following that enchanting start, the subsequent day saw the joyful pair hosting a garden rehearsal dinner. Attended by family, friends, and the wedding party, the event was a true celebration of love, as Hough, 38, described it. The evening was highlighted by heartfelt speeches from family members, all in honor of the couple.

The pinnacle of emotions was reached during the wedding ceremony itself, where the bride and groom exchanged deeply meaningful vows. Officiated by Hough’s brother-in-law, the ceremony was a profoundly moving experience. Erbert was adorned in a custom-made Marchesa duchess satin gown designed by Georgina Chapman, accentuated by an elegant long veil, blusher, and jewelry from Ring Concierge. Speaking highly of her attire, Erbert praised its timeless and classic nature.

For the subsequent reception, Hough chose a stylish Brooks Brothers suit, while he opted for a Tom Ford suit for the wedding itself. The couple’s wedding rings, along with Erbert’s distinctive diamond engagement ring, were crafted by Paris Jewelers, adding an extra touch of uniqueness to their special day.

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Erbert made her entrance into the ceremony accompanied by a distinctive rendition of Richard Walters’ “Unconditional” (a version that Walters had specially rewritten and recorded for the couple). With a certainty that tears would flow, Erbert expressed her conviction about the emotional moment, a sentiment they both shared.

After the wedding ceremony, attendees proceeded to the reception, held within the walls of a century-old barn. The ambiance was carefully curated, featuring floral arrangements by In Blume, stationery provided by Minted, and elegant Signature chandeliers, combining to evoke a blend of “regal” charm and rustic allure. Theoni provided event rentals, while the musical accompaniment was skillfully delivered by the Jordan Kahn Music Company.

A host of the couple’s well-known friends were present to partake in the celebration of their momentous day. Among the attendees were Julianne Hough, Jenna Johnson, Freida Pinto, Amy Purdy, Maria Menounos, Shawn Johnson, Nina Dobrev, Shaun White, Robert and Kym Herjavec, and Alfonso Ribeiro.

In their contemplation of a venue, Hough shared that their guiding question was centered on what truly mattered to them. The allure of nature immediately captivated them. Their desire was to be enveloped by the presence of flora and trees, which led them to resonate with the landscape of Northern California. Ultimately, their aspiration is for others to experience the beauty of this natural setting they hold dear and to bask in the same sense of wonder that it instills.

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Guests savored hors d’oeuvres and Casamigos drinks during mingling, followed by dinner options of steak, salmon, and vegetarian dishes. A dessert bar showcased a huckleberry lavender cake by Kelly Gray Cakes. Late-night treats like seasoned fries, mini corn dogs, and Erbert’s favorite grilled cheese thrilled the couple and guests alike. Erbert’s excitement about their food was palpable!

The recently married couple, who became engaged in June of the previous year, shared their first dance to the song “Fall Into Me” by Forrest Blakk. The dance took place on an antique mirror floor, creating what they described as a moment of “pure magic.” Despite both being performers, they intentionally opted for simplicity during this significant moment.

Before the wedding, Hough mentioned that although the idea of a performance was lovely, he wanted to emphasize something. He acknowledged that people might expect them to stage an elaborate dance, given their performing backgrounds. However, their decision to not perform held special significance to them, allowing them to truly savor the present moment on the dance floor while enjoying the music.

For the reception, Erbert made a dress change into a custom lace gown by Marchesa. The dress featured a tulle skirt and a detachable train, adding an elegant touch to her appearance.

Hough’s former Dancing with the Stars partner, Mark Ballas, proudly took on the role of his best man. The couple was surrounded by a symmetrical bridal party, each consisting of six bridesmaids and groomsmen. Preceding the wedding, they embarked on an unforgettable six-day celebration, commencing with an exhilarating bachelor and bachelorette party.

The pre-wedding festivities unfolded as an epic saga, marked by a vibrant neon dance party, an escape room adventure on a boat, and engaging Survivor-style obstacle courses. Hough enthusiastically described the entire experience as the epitome of an astonishingly spectacular event.

For the reception, Erbert made a stunning dress change into a bespoke lace gown crafted by Marchesa. The dress featured a tulle skirt and a detachable train, adding an exquisite touch to her appearance.

Following the wedding celebrations, the couple is eagerly anticipating their honeymoon in Italy, a destination they’ve never had the opportunity to explore. Hough shared that while he had been to Italy for a competition, it was a fleeting experience. Therefore, the prospect of experiencing the country together for the first time is incredibly exciting for both of them. Their itinerary includes captivating destinations like Lake Como, Positano, the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Tuscany, and Florence, showcasing their dedication to making the most of their journey.

In the midst of solidifying their commitment, Hough is reflecting on the significance of becoming Erbert’s spouse, as they eagerly embrace a future of togetherness.

Bruce Willis' wife confirms our worst fears about his dementia in four brief words

It’s remarkable how a small piece of metal can profoundly impact one’s entire persona and perspective on life. Hough eloquently expresses that this simple object represents an enduring promise he carries with him at all times. He emphasizes that this commitment drives him to be the man he aspires to be each day, not only for his partner but also for himself and those around him. He finds beauty in this sense of responsibility and is motivated to uphold it consistently—for her, their beloved animals, and the family they envision for the future.

Erbert shares that being able to journey through life alongside someone is a realization of a dream for her, an aspiration that has now come true.

Recalling a recent visit to Disney, Erbert fondly shared an encounter with a heartwarming elderly couple enjoying a swing dance together to a live band. She found it enchanting and revealed that it’s a future vision she holds dear—to dance alongside her partner as they age, continuing to share love through dance for a lifetime.

Hough adds his voice, expressing a desire to embrace and extend this beautiful journey they’ve embarked upon. He echoes the sentiment of cherishing their experience together and eagerly anticipates the future they will build.

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