Deer casually enters a candy store—no punchline needed, that’s exactly what happened!

When a candy store in Washington left its doors ajar in hopes of enticing customers, little did they anticipate a visitor of the four-legged kind. Just a few days ago, to the astonishment of the store’s patrons, a deer strolled into Ocean Shores’ Buddy and Howie’s Candy Store.

With an inquisitive demeanor, the creature perused the assortment of saltwater taffies before swiftly retreating back into the open outdoors. It appears that the deer’s intentions might have been thwarted by a lack of “doe.”

Captured in videos shared by Inspire More, the incident saw the deer calmly exploring the candy shop and inspecting the taffy selection. In a lighthearted Facebook post, Buddy and Howie’s Candy Store presented a glimpse of the unexpected encounter, quipping about a potential “taffy thief” being on the loose.

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Jenn Strobel, the proud owner of Buddy and Howie’s Candy Store, shared her perspective on the incident. She speculated that the deer might have managed to make off with a piece of candy, a notion she doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest. With a touch of humor, Strobel remarked to KOMO News that the only casualty seemed to be “a piece of wonderful taffy.”

The store’s Facebook page included a delightful collection of photos capturing the deer’s impromptu escapade, solidifying its role as an unexpected yet charming visitor. The memorable incident sheds a light-hearted and whimsical touch on the daily operations of Buddy and Howie’s Candy Store, infusing the quaint shop with a unique tale that patrons are likely to remember for quite some time.

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