Dedicated Woman Spends 4 Days Crawling Through Storm Drains to Rescue Puppies

Driven by compassion, Callie Clemens couldn’t bear the thought of puppies trapped in the storm drains of a Houston neighborhood notorious for being a dog dumping area. When informed that three puppies had fallen into a storm drain, Clemens embarked on an arduous mission that spanned four days. She navigated through cockroach-infested environments and the intricate network of storm drains beneath the city streets, determined to locate the lost pups.

“I can’t sleep knowing there are puppies in there going to die,” Clemens shared with KHOU 11. Alongside a group of volunteers, she recognized that the puppies had little hope of receiving help and decided to take matters into their own hands. Using dog sounds on their phones as bait, they attempted to attract the puppies. Clemens even studied maps of the sewer system to aid in their search.

Their relentless efforts eventually yielded results. On the first night, they successfully rescued a female puppy, and on the subsequent night, they located a male puppy. While the third puppy remained within the storm drain system, it was situated farther away and posed a greater challenge to retrieve.

Determined to continue their efforts, Clemens and the dedicated volunteers are committed to persisting in their search. Clemens also made an appearance on Isiah Factor’s TV show, where she shared an update. She informed the host that one of the puppies, which was still missing, seemed to have managed to exit the storm drain and had been sighted. Therefore, the search efforts remain ongoing. In the midst of their pursuit, Clemens mentioned that Timmy, the male puppy they successfully rescued, will be placed into foster care under the care of Rescued Pets Movement.

Timmy’s fate took a positive turn as he was facing the risk of euthanasia due to medical concerns and space constraints at the shelter. However, he has been labeled as safe after being rescued by Clemens and her team. As for the female puppy, she is presently under the care of the Houston SPCA.

Clemens and her dedicated fellow rescuers are fervently hoping for a successful outcome as they continue their search for the remaining lost puppy.

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