Dedicated Husband of 64 Years Proposes to Wife as Valentine: ‘You Make My World Go Round’

One pair on TikTok demonstrated that magical moments aren’t just for fairytales. Their love for one another was captured in a sweet video that went viral and received a ton of comments.

While many modern relationships may end abruptly, some couples show that marriages can endure forever. One such couple received attention courtesy to Molly Stewart, a TikToker.

She shared a video of a dedicated granddad surprising his wife of 64 years by entering his kitchen. He prioritized romancing the love of his life despite spending decades together and kept the spark alive.


He Asked a Romantic Question to His Wife

The wife’s response was wonderful when the grandfather asked if she would be his Valentine. She started by requesting: “What do you think?” In a comedic response, the husband said that she had no choice in the matter.

“I’ve been your valentine for 64 years”, his delighted wife said him as she placed her hands on his face. After giving her husband a kiss, she was surprised when he gave her a red envelope.


The Husband’s Sincere Remarks

The woman gave her partner another kiss because she adored him and the card. When she read the sweet card, her husband said:

“I love you, granny, I can’t do without you.”

The wife’s heart was warmed by the words, and she told her husband that he had always been her best Valentine. The husband wanted to spoil his wife even after they had been married for a lifetime. Even though his card was simple, the wife acknowledged his kindness.


Maintaining Their Love

The elderly man wanted to give his beloved wife one last praise, so he wooed her with a phrase that most people would associate with youth. He stated:

“You make my world go round.”

The endearing pair maintained their romance even after becoming grandparents and offered many people hope that real love still exists.

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Another Instance of Sincere and Lasting Love

Although uncommon, selfless and unwavering loves are not unheard of. Another couple had a long and joyful 72 years together; theirs was a classic love story.

In a touching video, Kenneth, a devoted husband, approached his lovely wife and said:

“Baby, will you be my valentine?”

The faithful woman was taken aback by her husband’s question and began to chuckle before giving him a hug. She claimed to be and remain his Valentine. She was extremely touched by the chocolates and card her devoted husband sent her.

In the card, Kenneth wrote to his spouse that she was the reason every day of his life was happy. After spending more than seven decades together, what a message to deliver!

Your belief in genuine love and admirable deeds of devotion was it restored by these sweethearts? Share some instances of unwavering passion, tenderness, and love in the comments section.