Deaf father expresses his love for his newborn daughter in sign language

A touching video has gone viral on the internet, showing a father signing to his newborn daughter, who was born deaf. Baby Arrow, a ‘micro-preemie,’ was born at 25 weeks and remained in the hospital after her birth, where her father signed to her to convey how much he loves her.

In the heartwarming video, the father, Jimmy Justice, introduces himself to his daughter in American Sign Language (ASL), which is the primary language spoken in their family. He tells her how beautiful and adorable she is and how much he loves her. The video has garnered widespread attention on social media, with many commenting on the power of a father’s love and the beauty of ASL.

The video was also shared on Reddit, where users commented on the adorable exchange between father and daughter. Many praised the use of baby sign language and the fact that Jimmy and Arrow will always be able to converse. On Instagram, the video was met with an outpouring of love, with one user calling it “absolutely precious” and another describing it as a “loving video and message.”

Another heartwarming moment involving sign language was shared on TikTok by a father named Zachary, who is also deaf. In the video, Zachary’s daughter Madison interprets for him, dropping a packet of Scotch Brite and signing “baby crying.” Zachary repeats the sign back to her, showing that even though he cannot hear, he and his daughter are still able to communicate effectively.

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The use of ASL is becoming increasingly widespread in the United States, with almost 35 states recognizing it as a modern language for public schools and many colleges and universities offering ASL classes. There are approximately 250,000 – 500,000 ASL users in the United States and Canada, most of whom use ASL as their primary language, like Jimmy and Zachary.

These heartwarming moments highlight the power of love and communication, showing that even when faced with challenges, there are ways to connect with one another.