Dead Buddhist monk ‘smiles’ as his body is exhumed two months after being buried

Fascinating photographs capture the exhumation of a deceased Buddhist monk who appears to be ‘smiling,’ carried out by his devoted followers, two months after his passing.

The respected monk, Luang Phor Pian, passed away on November 16 of the previous year in Bangkok, Thailand, at the age of 92. Hailing from Cambodia, Pian dedicated the greater part of his life to being a renowned spiritual and Buddhist guru in Lopburi, situated in central Thailand.

Upon his demise, his remains were transported back to the temple he had diligently served for his burial. Nevertheless, during a customary Buddhist ritual where his body was taken out of the coffin by his followers, astonishment rippled through the congregation. They were confronted with the remarkable sight of a scarcely decomposed corpse, featuring an unmistakable ‘smile’ etched onto his countenance.

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Luang Phor Pian still smiling as his body is exhumed two months after his death ( Image: AsiaWire / Facebook)

Astoundingly, Pian’s countenance bore a smiling expression as his veiled devotees carried him through the gathering. Onlookers seized the opportunity to capture this extraordinary scene, promptly sharing the photographs across various social media platforms. According to accounts, the monks undertook the task of removing the monk’s body to facilitate the placement of fresh, pristine robes.

Local media sources indicated that his body exhibited characteristics aligned with someone who had passed away no more than 36 hours prior. Pian’s serene demeanor has been interpreted as an indication that the monk has attained genuine nirvana. The monk’s devoted followers persisted in offering their prayers until a concluding ceremonial rite took place on the 100th day following his demise.

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