David McCallum celebrates 55th wedding anniversary with his wife, whom he can dance “for hours”

David McCallum and Carpenter met in the same year that McCallum split up with his first wife, Jill Ireland. Ireland went to Charles Bronson, who was a co-star. After meeting for the first time, McCallum and Carpenter liked each other right away and started dating. In the end, they got married.

McCallum has always been happy to share pictures of his wife on his social media accounts, but one picture in particular was a favorite among his fans.

On the left side of the picture, there is a black-and-white picture of two young people walking down the road. On the right, you can see a picture of McCallum and his partner smiling at the camera. This picture was unique because the left side of it was a picture from the first time McCallum and Carpenter met. It’s a shot of them running away from the camera. On the right side, the same two people are shown in the same place 50 years later.

In 1965, they met at a photo shoot. Carpenter was 21 years old at the time, and McCallum was 11 years older. When they started going out together, McCallum was still married to Ireland and had not yet gotten a divorce.

Carpenter now helps McCallum with his good deeds and has raised her beautiful family. Sophie and Peter are the children of Carpenter and McCallum.

Since they’ve been together for a few years, they’ve grown very close. On the 80th anniversary of the show “NCIS,” they celebrated in Montecito by dancing together for hours.

They kept seeing each other without caring what other people thought. Their wedding ceremony was not a big deal.

McCallum rarely talks about his family on social media, but he has sent Carpenter a few pictures of himself and Carpenter.

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One of these pictures was shared by McCallum on the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary. The picture shows the couple surrounded by a band. McCallum sent the picture to a legend and said that he thought it was a beautiful way to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Even though they liked their exciting jobs, as they got older, they cut back on their regular work and started focusing more on their family. McCallum has eight grandchildren from his first marriage and from his second marriage to Carpenter.

McCallum said that he didn’t like being called a grandad when he talked about his grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with his wife, his children, and all of his grandchildren. He and his wife of 55 years have had a full and successful life together.