David Harbour and Lily Allen give an incredible home tour and people are raving about it!

Celebrity home tours are typically a contentious issue. Some find them entertaining and motivating. Others find them tacky or irrelevant. However, this home tour appears to have brought everyone happiness.

“Stranger Things” actor David Harbour and British singer-songwriter Lily Allen, whose wedding in Las Vegas in 2020 will feature an Elvis impersonator, gave Architectural Digest a tour of their delightfully eccentric Brooklyn townhouse, and the public adored it.

First and foremost, the house is attractive. It is neither monotonous nor minimalistic. No beige to be seen.

The couple hired interior designer Billy Cotton and architect Ben Bischoff to draw inspiration for the renovation from the building’s classical Italian-style architecture and Italian-American history. In addition, they have added layers of traditional English design, modern New York accents, an abundance of floral wallpaper, crystal chandeliers, pink silk sheets, and an emerald velvet sofa for good measure.

The outcome? As Cotton explained to Architectural Digest, it was “as if they’d inherited the home from a kooky Italian nonna with fabulous taste.”

Additionally, Harbour and Allen are so adorable. Throughout the entire video tour, they were able to make each other laugh, compliment one another’s taste, and display affection. It’s beautiful.

People were inspired by the couple’s home and their relationship in equal measure.

Here are some of the most popular remarks:

“A house ain’t a home without love stored in its walls. You can feel how much love they have for each other. So sweet.”

“They are just such a cool couple and I love their quirky style. I was not expecting how floral some of their interior choices are, but I think they seem to be very attuned and open to each others’ tastes.”

“This has to be my all-time favorite AD tour. The two of them together are SO GOOD! And their home is like an exploration of the entire spectrum of design! The colors, the patterns, the style, function.. just all of it so clever and inspiring! Absolutely adored this house tour—thank you AD for bringing us this masterpiece!”

“Love these guys… they need to ‘present’ some show. They represent all the lovable qualities of being welcoming, confident, and humorous. Amazing home.”

Their chemistry is extremely contagious.

May we all have the opportunity to be our weird and wonderful selves with someone who accepts us as we are.