Daughters ask their mother to send a cardinal once she’s in heaven. Watch the miracle

Dorothy, who had lived a full life, passed away on January 9 of this year at the age of 97. However, for a considerable amount of time before she passed away, her daughters encouraged her to provide a sign to both of them once she arrived in heaven. They were aware that the end of their mother’s life had to be drawing near.

Facebook/Angela Abbott Patteson

Knowing that their mother was in such an extraordinary place would be a source of solace for the daughters, Deborah Booth Patteson and Jeanne Booth Wright. It would be a wonderful thing for them to experience. Therefore, in particular, they requested from their mother that she reveal to them a sign that involved a cardinal. They would feel much more at ease if they had a sign that featured this bird.

After the passing of their mother a week had passed, but there was still no sign of them. However, an answer to their peculiar prayer came a few days later, exactly ten days after Deborah and Jeanne’s mother had passed away. Or maybe not.

They had heard something near the kitchen window, and when they went to investigate, they saw a cardinal standing outside of the window. The sign was right in front of me. On the other hand, it’s possible that it was just a coincidence. Therefore, the ladies coaxed the cardinal into the house, where they chatted with it for ten minutes. They were able to hold it, and it allowed them to pet it without making any kind of a fuss. They were almost certain that this was the message from their mother that they had been looking for, and they were almost certain that it was THIS. But despite this, they were unable to be certain… STILL possibly a coincidence.

But what exactly would take place? NEXT unquestionably sealed the deal for them, and they would know without a shred of a doubt that their late mother had acted in accordance with what they had requested of her before she passed away.

When the two sisters took the bird outside to set it free, they opened a hand to let it fly away, but instead, it remained perched on one of their palms. Even after one sister gave it to the other sister to hold, the cardinal showed no sign of wanting to take flight at any point during the interaction. When that sister raised her hand in an attempt to make it fly, it ended up landing on her shoulder instead… and remained there for some time while the sisters were speechless, both laughing and crying at the unbelievable event.

The cardinal eventually took flight into the clear blue skies after spending well over a minute perched precariously on the shoulder of the sister.

Who then is it that denies the reality of miracles?