Dad who posted 3 photos on social media is thrilled by people’s reaction

Hundreds of words can’t describe the beauty of these pictures.

The invention of the camera will be remembered fondly forever because it allows us to capture and preserve such precious moments as our births, our graduations, our weddings, and our anniversaries.

Take, for example, this Northern Irish father from Belfast.

Niamh’s father, Ciarán Shannon, always wanted to share with the world how proud he was of his daughter. He signed on to Twitter and shared three pictures of his adorable daughter at different stages of her academic life.

Ciarán and Niamh are shown in all three photos, each time with their hands in each other’s, in the same spot in front of their home.

The first picture is of Niamh on her first day of school at St. Therese of Lisieux Primary School in September 1999. The second photo was taken on her final day of high school in May of 2013, and the third was shot during her university graduation in the summer of 2018.

He was simply introduced to the well-known trend “How it Started” “How’s it going?”

What happened next took him completely by surprise.

His original intention was to simply share his pride in his daughter, but he never expected the social media post to go viral.

He said he had simply been watching the figures increase. He could not believe how well-received his photographs were.


These priceless photographs are no longer just being displayed in private home, but are also being viewed by many people online in countries all over the globe.

Ciarán is ecstatic that Niamh followed in his footsteps and became a science and math teacher.

The statistics reveal that the photos of him and his daughter were liked and retweeted over 949,000 times!

Positive comments began pouring into Ciarán’s Twitter account from the general public.

People, especially families, are getting more creative in their attempts to recreate significant moments from their past, proving that the “How It Started, How It’s Going” trend is here to stay.