Dad skips down street in Cinderella gown because of the cheeky demand of ‘miracle’ daughter

When his “miracle” daughter was born, a personal trainer promised to do everything for her. However, this comically backfired when he was forced to wear a stunning flowing Cinderella costume while walking his dogs. As they skipped along their street in Wigan, Greater Manchester, with ShiChi puppies Fred and Fudge, the father and daughter were compared to “a couple of princesses.”

After their “final” frozen embryo from their tenth IVF round helped the couple conceive a child, David Eatock vowed to never refuse any of Indie’s fun requests.

David wore a baby blue dress that was “tight,” had puffy sleeves, and was reminiscent of Cinderella’s outfit from Disney. He posed for a picture with his purple-clad daughter, Indie.

David said that neighborhood children questioned him about his dress, but he dismissed the embarrassment as “part of his pledge” to his daughter. However, other parents have praised him as “wonderful” on Facebook.

He has also stated that he would do anything for his daughter, who loves Disney, because his 11-year struggle to conceive has made his love for her “a thousand times greater.”

Since Indie was their last chance before they chose to stop their IVF therapy, the couple refers to her as a “miracle kid.” The umbilical cord that was wrapped around Indie’s neck caused her to be delivered three weeks early.

The dad said: “The walk was hilarious. I’ve made that promise and I’ve got to stick to it now. [The dress] is definitely not meant for a bloke. It was tight and I felt my arms were going to rip it.”

More than 27,000 people have liked and shared Jo’s post on Facebook, praising David’s “excellent” parenting.

In her post, Jo wrote: “When your daughter says ‘Daddy can we take the dogs for a walk dressed as a princess?’ You take the dogs for a walk dressed as a princess.”

“Eleven years of infertility, 10 rounds of IVF, we will do anything for her. Credit to my husband for this one though.”