Dad says daughter’s hair was cut without permission by teacher, leaving her embarrassed

A father is still seeking answers more than a month after a teacher at his biracial daughter’s school cut the 7-year-old’s hair without his permission. Jimmy Hoffmeyer, hailing from Mount Pleasant, Michigan, expressed his frustration over the incident that left his daughter devastated. On March 24, she came home in tears, informing her father that a teacher had taken scissors to her hair.

Hoffmeyer, enraged by the incident, emphasized that his daughter had already received three haircuts in a single week. However, the latest one, performed by a teacher, had a profound impact on her.

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He conveyed his feelings, stating, “You can’t simply damp down and cut our sort of hair because and that’s when I feel like they ought to have, despite whether they were trying to do it in the nicest of hearts, once they saw the consequence, they should have been like, okay we screwed up.” He continued, “I think we should contact him and tell him what occurred.”

According to Hoffmeyer, his daughter Jurnee had undergone two haircuts prior to the incident. The first one was done by another student, which led them to take Jurnee to a professional salon to have her hair trimmed.

They opted for an asymmetrical style, with shorter hair on one side and longer hair falling past her shoulders on the other. However, the following day, Jurnee returned home from school in tears, revealing that a teacher had taken it upon themselves to chop her hair.

Hoffmeyer explained how deeply ashamed his daughter felt after the teacher’s actions. Having to return to class in that state left her humiliated. He made multiple calls to the school in an effort to understand what had transpired and why a teacher would cut his child’s hair without his consent. Yet, he lamented that he has not received any satisfactory responses.

While the school has offered apologies, Hoffmeyer claims that officials are withholding footage of the incident on the bus or at the school. He insists on the school acknowledging its responsibility. Above all, he wants them to provide Jurnee with a sincere acknowledgment, assuring her that what happened was wrong and should never have occurred. He wishes to shield his daughter from such distressing experiences.

Jurnee has since enrolled in a different school, and her father plans to attend a school board meeting to gather more information about the incident that affected his daughter. It is vital to note that no one should have the authority to cut a child’s hair without the consent of their parents. It is disheartening that the school is withholding this information from her father, who desperately seeks answers.

We hope that Jurnee’s traumatic experience will not have any long-term consequences. Please help spread the word about this incident.