Dad loses both legs trying to protect daughters from snow blower accident

The four members of a family were vacationing at a well-known ski resort one moment, and the next they were in mortal combat.

Midway through December, Dave Miln and his wife Clare were on a ski trip with their two young girls when tragedy struck.

A motorized snow blower struck the couple as they were driving their 3- and 1-year-old daughters to their ski lessons. Veteran of the Australian Defense Force Dave flung his body on top of his girls to shield them from the machine’s intake. Dave and the couple’s eldest both sustained serious wounds, but their youngest managed to escape unharmed.

GoFundMe/Miln Family – Love and Support Fund

A GoFundMe says that Dave and Isla entered the machine. To liberate Dave, rescuers needed an hour.

He was completely aware the entire time.

His injuries were deemed to be too severe when he arrived at the hospital, and it was decided that both of his legs would need to be amputated.

Not only did Dave lose both of his legs in the accident, but the trauma also caused him to break a number of bones. Since then, he has undergone ten operations.

Isla, who is also his daughter, has been making a recovery alongside her father.

She fractured both of her legs as well as her pelvis, which necessitated three separate operations to repair. In the future, she might even require more of it.

GoFundMe/Miln Family – Love and Support Fund

Dave was taken to his home country of Australia for medical treatment, and he is already making progress in his recovery there. In the meantime, his wife and two daughters have returned to Sydney, where they are all continuing to recover from the significant accident that occurred.

“Isla is still in her wheelchair but appears to be slowly getting back to her old self smiling more and asserting herself a little more. She is such a strong and brave girl,”  Tsen Bogan, a friend of the family, who is organizing the GoFundMe campaign, said.

The amount of money raised through the GoFundMe campaign is currently over $70,000 AUD. The family intends to put the money toward making the required adjustments to their home in order to make Dave and Isla’s lives simpler.

It’s scary how drastically life may shift in the blink of an eye. Let’s all say some prayers for the members of the Miln family.

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