Dad is afraid of needles, but sets that fear aside to comfort his infant son during his first shots

The best fathers are those who are willing to do everything it takes to ensure that their offspring are happy and fulfilled.

Antwon Lee is a prominent example of one of these fathers. He is a single parent, and his only child is a boy who goes by the name Debias King Lee. He is willing to do anything for his son.

Antwon has encountered certain difficulties as a father, just like every other parent does at some point or another. However, the father is always there for his son when he needs him. The most illustrative instance of this occurred when it was time for the infant to receive his very first vaccinations.

Antwon was filled with dread as they made their way to the hospital with Debias King Lee. Needles were the thing that he detested the most. And the fact that his child, his extremely young child, was receiving injections made the situation even more precarious. Despite this, the parent’s overarching goal was to ensure their son’s happiness.

While the physician was preparing the injection, Antwon looked down at his son. He was offering him a lot of various words of consolation, such as “You gonna stay strong,” and “I know you gonna cry, but it’s ok to cry.”

After that, the physician instructed Antwon to position Debias on the examination table. Antwon uttered the phrase “Uh oh, here we go” before gently setting the infant down and giving him a peck on the cheek.

The baby became uncomfortable and began to cry. Debias’s father remained reassuring to his son, assuring him that everything was going to be well.

After then, the physician removed the needle, and the father immediately began to freak out. He attempted to concentrate on his child’s eyes.

As soon as the needle was inserted, Antwon couldn’t help but look. ” Oh, Lord,” he shouted. The father began to squeal shortly after the baby began to make noise.

After that, Antwon knelt down to give his son another kiss on the forehead before assuring the infant that he understood the baby’s suffering.

After then, the physician brought another needle and gave him a second shot. The baby’s cries became much more intense, and the father eventually joined in with a loud yell of his own.

The phrase “One more, pumpkin” was uttered by the doctor once the father and son had attained a state of calm. The only thing that the father and son wanted to do was get away from that place.

The final needle was injected by the physician. Antwon yelled “OH LORD!” at the top of his lungs, which was easily loud enough to drown out the sobs of his child.

The medical professional placed some band-aids on Debias, and then his father took him up to carry him.

As Antwon continued to provide words of solace to Debias, the young child eventually calmed down.

The video stopped playing at that point. It was not long before it was posted on Antwon’s Facebook page, where it quickly gained widespread attention. Incredible 17 million people have already viewed the video up to this point. It also has over 208,000 shares, 42,000 comments, and over 129,000 replies. These are some of the things that people have been saying:

He is such a great father! We firmly believe that the baby will be raised well and have a full life with such a father.

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