Dad hides big seashells on beach trips for daughter’s joy

Endri Laska, a father of four, has captured the hearts of people online with his sweet and thoughtful gesture towards his daughter. He buys big seashells and hides them on their beach trips so that his daughter can experience the joy of discovering them herself.

9-year-old boy approaches an unfamiliar police officer and discreetly hands over a note

Erisa Mullai, his wife and mother of their children, shared this tradition in a now-viral TikTok video, revealing that “Every time before we go to the beach, my husband buys a big seashell and hides it in the sand so my daughter thinks she found it. Her face is priceless every single time.”

9-year-old boy approaches an unfamiliar police officer and discreetly hands over a note

The video shows the father and daughter sifting through the sand on the beach, with the little girl’s excitement evident as she finds the hidden shell. Her dad beams with pride and amazement as she carefully picks it up, exclaiming “Wow, no way!” The simple act of surprising his daughter with a seashell on every beach trip is a beautiful way of instilling confidence and validation in her.

The feeling of luck and excitement associated with finding a hidden treasure will undoubtedly make her feel special and loved, and she will grow up with a positive outlook and a belief in herself.

This heartwarming tradition has captured the attention of many on social media, with commenters expressing their love and admiration for this father’s love and effort towards his daughter. Some even shared similar stories of their fathers surprising them with hidden treasures on beach trips, emphasizing the meaningful impact it had on their lives.

As one TikTok user, @corbin_streck, shared, “I guarantee when she’s older she’s going to cherish these memories even when she finds the truth. She’ll look at her children and remember what her father did to make her happy and want to do similar stuff for hers.”

It’s beautiful to see how a small gesture of love and thoughtfulness can create lasting memories and impact a child’s life. These videos remind us of the importance of showing our love and appreciation towards our children and loved ones, as these little acts of kindness can have a profound impact on their lives.