Dad captures possible ‘angel’ on Ring doorbell, thinks it’s his late father’s spirit

A father in Beaumont Leys, Leicestershire, claims to have captured an ‘angel’ on his Ring doorbell, which he believes could be the spirit of his deceased father.

Robert Mansfield was astonished when his partner Stephanie Scott showed him a clip of her and their son returning from a dog walk, where a white mark appeared in the night sky and drifted upwards before disappearing, as they approached their front door with their dogs.

In a Facebook post that has gone viral, the 33-year-old man claims to have captured a flying angel on his Ring doorbell camera, with visible wings as it hovers above the street.

He shared that his family has been going through a difficult time since their dog, Klo, lost an eye in a dog attack, and the footage has brought them comfort during this challenging period.

Robert believes that the angel captured on the Ring doorbell could be his late father, Mick Mansfield, who passed away when Robert was just 14 years old.

The intriguing clip has garnered nearly 50,000 views and sparked mixed opinions, with some finding it beautiful while others attributing it to a reflection from his seven-year-old son Oskar’s coat.

Robert, who is a father of three, has dismissed the coat reflection theory, stating that he has researched other instances when his son wore the same coat and the white mark was not present in the footage.

He shared that his family has been going through a tough time recently, and seeing something like this makes him feel like someone is watching over them.

‘We always say my dad is my kids’ guardian angel so seeing something like that is heart-warming. It might be him.

‘I’ve never experienced something like this before, it was amazing and it gave us comfort.

‘When Stephanie showed me she asked if it’s an angel because you can see the wings flapping.’

Initially, Robert was skeptical when his partner Stephanie pointed out the possible angelic apparition on their Ring doorbell camera. He mentioned, “I told her it can’t be because I’m not a huge believer in stuff like that, but when I looked into it I was really surprised and realised it could actually be something.”

He further explained that he researched and found that his son had worn the same coat many times before, but nothing like this had ever appeared on the doorbell camera. Robert dismissed the theory of it being a reflection, stating, “If you look closely the lights go bright and then when it disappears they go dull. That can’t be a reflection.”

Stephanie had spotted the alleged angelic figure while checking the doorbell camera as part of their routine. The dog walk during which the sighting occurred was the first time their dog Klo had been off their property since being attacked by another dog in their own garden.

Robert’s Facebook post, which has been shared over 90 times, expressed his disbelief and excitement, stating, “I cannot believe me and Steph caught a flying angel on our door bell. You can see the wings, the lot.”