Dad attends beauty school to learn how to style his daughter’s hair

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Greg Wickherst had no clue that his decision to seek the help of a cosmetology student in learning how to style his daughter’s hair would lead to his viral fame.

After getting divorced from his wife, the devoted father took on the responsibility of taking care of his two-year-old daughter, Izzy, who spent most of her time with him since the separation.

Although Wickherst had no trouble with his regular parenting duties, he faced a hurdle when his little baby girl, Izzy, began to grow longer hair. He realized that he needed to acquire some styling skills beyond just using a brush.

Being employed at a nearby college, Wickherst approached a colleague from the cosmetology department to seek assistance.

Upon his colleague’s recommendation, Wickherst was introduced to one of the top-performing students in the cosmetology department. They started studying hair styling together.

After watching the student demonstrate a few basic techniques, Wickherst brought a mannequin head home and devoted himself to practice, practice, practice. Eventually, he realized that his hard work was paying off.

“In no time, I was able to do a simple braid, then a fishbone braid, and a French braid,” Wickherst told the Huffington Post. “I even learned how to do a ponytail, then flip it through itself either under or ever. I call that an inverted ponytail.”

While practicing various hairstyles on both the mannequin and Izzy, Wickherst felt that he was developing a closer bond with his daughter. This activity not only allowed them to spend quality time together but also made Izzy look incredibly adorable without any reservations.

“She enjoys looking pretty, and I just like the interaction we have together,” he explained.

With the improvement in Wickherst’s hairstyling skills, he began to showcase his creations on social media.

As Wickherst’s family and friends left comments, feedback, and suggestions on his pictures, he had no idea that his dedication to his daughter would ultimately lead him to achieve internet fame.

People were captivated by his skills and the extent of his devotion to his daughter.

The overwhelming public interest encouraged Wickherst, who refers to himself as the “Hair Dad,” to create a YouTube channel where he shares hair tutorials for other fathers struggling with hairstyling. At one point, his community grew so large that he organized a Daddy/Daughter Hairdo Contest where dads could submit photos of the hairstyles they created for their daughters.

The Daddy/Daughter Hairdo Contest proved to be the place where Wickherst met another “Hair Dad,” Philippe Morgese from Daytona Beach, Florida. Morgese’s exceptional braiding abilities left Wickherst impressed, and they connected over their shared passion for the community.

As per ABC News, Morgese is recognized as the founder of the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, an organization that conducts classes for dads to learn fundamental hair care and styling techniques. The course curriculum covers basic skills such as detangling, brushing, ponytails, three-strand braids, and a standard bun.

With Wickherst and Morgese working together, Wickherst has also become a part of the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory.

During an interview with It’s A 10 Hair Care, Wickherst expressed that the fathers in this group are some of the most inspiring individuals he has ever encountered.

Presently, Wickherst remains dedicated to his daughter’s hair care and styling.

For Wickherst, hairstyling for his daughter is a creative outlet that he finds enjoyable. The fact that his daughter also loves it is an added bonus. According to Wickherst, “I was never into art, drawing, painting, or anything like that. When I do my daughter’s hair, it is like a blank canvas for me. I usually don’t have an exact idea of what her style will end up being.”

“Now I get to create something new every day.”

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