Brave Golden Retriever Protects Young Boy Playing in Yard by Chasing Away Bear

Meet Jake the Golden Retriever, an exemplary canine companion! Displaying remarkable bravery, this loyal dog took it upon himself to chase a black bear away from his family’s residence when the wild animal ventured into their backyard, where 4-year-old Gavin was enjoying playtime.

The Grant family’s home in Sherman, Connecticut, was equipped with surveillance cameras that captured the entire heroic encounter.

According to Gregory Grant, his son Gavin was playing in the yard when he suddenly noticed a bear nearby. Frightened, Gavin started to run away. At the same time, Jake, the 8-year-old Golden Retriever, also spotted the bear. Without hesitation, Jake leaped into action and confronted the bear, successfully chasing it away. The home’s surveillance footage captures the dramatic scene as Jake boldly pursues the bear, effectively driving it out of the yard.

Grant shared with WTNH News that he wasn’t certain if the bear intended to approach his son, but their loyal dog, Jake, wasn’t willing to take any risks. Fortunately, everyone emerged from the situation unharmed. Grant further mentioned that Jake has been showered with rewards as a token of appreciation for his heroic act.

Grant said, “He got quite a few treats, he got ice cream, he got a bath that night. He got the whole nine yards…He helped us out that day for sure.”


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