Couple with five kids adopt seven siblings who were orphaned after a car accident

Seven siblings who endured unspeakable pain are beginning a new life after being adopted by a pair who already had five children.

The San Diego siblings, who ranged in age from 2 to 13, were involved in an automobile accident that killed both of their parents. The siblings somehow made it through and survived .

In 2018, 11-year-old Azaura spoke with CBS8 News, “I’m happy that all of us are together and that we’re all alive.”

In the collision, Azaura damaged her knee, while her brother hurt his foot.

After the accident, the siblings were put with a foster family, but they needed a permanent family.

Azaura said: “I want a family that’s fun, joyful, and who takes you out places.”

She stated that being adopted by the same family was her top Christmas dream.

Thankfully, their hopes came true, and Azaura was adopted by a couple who already had 5 children, along with her older brother Adelino, Aleecia and Antonio, both 6 years old, Aubrey, 4 years old, Angel, 3 years old, and Alexander, 2 years old.

After reading about the children’s tragic tragedy on Facebook, Pam and Gary Willis of Menifee, California, made the decision to adopt the kids.

 Pam recalled: “I saw how much these kids needed someone to love them because they had no one else to go to. I called the adoption service every week to show them how much I wanted to help these children.” 

“From the moment we first met them it was instant love. I looked at Gary and we both could see they are really great kids and knew we were doing the right thing.”

Since being adopted, the siblings have flourished, formed bonds with Pam and Gary’s older children, gone on family trips, and even refer to their adoptive parents as mom and dad.

Pam said: “I have noticed how incredibly happy they are and that makes me so happy too, because that’s all we ask for. The oldest of the seven, Adelino, said to me recently ‘thank you for giving us this life’ and there is no other feeling like that. The kids are great kids and we love having them around.”