Couple welcomes 1-in-70-million quadruplets: two sets of identical twins

A couple in Boaz, Alabama received a surprising blessing when they discovered they were expecting two sets of identical twins, a rare occurrence in just 1 out of 70 million pregnancies. Michael and Hannah Carmack initially planned for one more child, but fate had a different plan.

Upon seeing the ultrasound, Hannah was taken aback. “She was like, ‘Twins?'” Michael recalled. However, the ultrasound technician’s response left them astounded. “Then Hannah goes, ‘Is it three?’

Then the ultrasound tech put her hand on Hannah’s knee and said, ‘Sweetie, it’s four,'” Michael shared. The news overwhelmed Hannah, who questioned how she would handle raising four more children alongside their 8-year-old daughter, Emily.

While it was Michael’s dream to have a large family, Hannah had reservations. Seeking guidance, they turned to their pastor for counsel. Following a heartfelt discussion, they came to realize that this extraordinary situation was a unique calling from God. With newfound peace and excitement, they embraced their journey as an expanding family.

Throughout Hannah’s pregnancy, Michael, a veterinary technician, kept their friends and followers updated on her progress. However, at the 17th week, complications arose for one of the babies named Adeline, who was diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). The medical team intervened and successfully addressed the issue.

On March 14, 2023, Hannah underwent an emergency C-section, bringing their two sets of identical twins into the world. Adeline, Evelyn, Daniel, and Michael captured their parents’ hearts instantly, although Adeline faced a challenging start due to her umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck. Through prayers and perseverance, the family eagerly waited for all the babies to join them, a process that took 11 days.

While the quadruplets are healthy, they require support with feeding, necessitating their hospital stay until June. As the twins approach two months old, their distinct personalities begin to emerge. Evelyn displays sweetness and smiles, while Adeline and Daniel exhibit humor and liveliness. Michael observes their interactions and shares amusing anecdotes about their sibling dynamics.

Above all, Michael admires his wife’s unwavering dedication. Despite working night shifts, Hannah finds time to care for their children and advocates for holding multiple babies simultaneously to provide vital connection and comfort. Michael recognizes the unique bond she shares with their babies, which sets her apart.

The Carmack family’s extraordinary journey continues, filled with love, challenges, and the miracles of their two sets of identical twins.

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