Couple stunned to find hundreds of hidden rum bottles in their home’s walls

A couple was incredulous as they began removing a wall connected to their house.

Cathy and Roy Aukamp, aged 51 and 52, stumbled upon this incredible discovery as they were settling into their new home. Merely two days after moving into their house in New Jersey, USA, they faced a flooded basement due to heavy storms in the area.

Cathy recalled the surprising turn of events: “My husband had to remove wet plasterboard and all these bottles came pouring out of one of the walls.”

The individual responsible for this hidden stash saw the viral video and reached out, revealing that there are hundreds more bottles hidden. They also shared that they had achieved three years of sobriety.

The Aukamps shared their remarkable find on social media, leaving people online equally astounded by their unexpected discovery.

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Credit: Caters

One Instagram user commented: “You bought a house from Captain Morgan himself!”

Another said: “There is nothing funny about this, that poor person had a bad addiction, and I’m sorry that the new chapter in your life had to start off this way with your new home.”

In the video, Roy can be seen extracting several bottles from the wall, with numerous others tumbling onto the floor.

Cathy appeared to find the situation quite amusing and jokingly asked her partner if he was feeling “thirsty,” to which Roy simply shook his head in disbelief.

It appears that they have quite a task ahead of them.

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