Couple retires at 50 to live on cruise ships because it’s cheaper than paying a mortgage

The couple only spends about $43 a day, or $15,696 a year, to live on a cruise ship.

It’s all about living your best life when you’re retired. At least, it ought to be.

So Angelyn and Richard Burk put two and two together for their retirement.

The couple from Seattle, WA, who are both in their 50s, has always wanted to travel when they got older.

They decided to go from one cruise ship to another because they love going on cruises.

Plus, it costs less than getting a mortgage. Yup! FOX 56 WOLF says that living on a cruise ship costs the couple only about $43 a day, or $15,696 a year. CNN said that the amount was between $89 and $100 per day. Angelyn also says that they sometimes give themselves the freedom to spend up to $135 a day, which is $49,275 a year.

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