Couple opened pizza box and discovered pink, moving object inside

When Joe Cunningham and his partner welcomed a charming puppy named Teddy into their lives earlier this year, they probably didn’t anticipate the profound impact this furry companion would have. Before long, Teddy managed to firmly nestle himself in their hearts.

In the previous month, Cunningham shared a video showcasing one of the countless surprising ways Teddy has altered their everyday life. This particular instance started during dinner.

“We just sat down for a little pizza takeaway,” Cunningham told The Dodo. “[We] put our favorite show on and then, to our shock, we look down.”

As they opened the pizza box, the couple discovered an unexpected “topping” that hadn’t been part of their order – and it was in motion:

@joecunningham4 Hungry Staffy #staffy #bluestaffy ♬ Delicious – T-Spoon

The soft, pink object inside the box turned out to be none other than Teddy himself.

“[His] little tongue was trying to get through a tiny hole to get a taste of the pizza!” Cunningham said.

Instead of begging for a morsel, as many dogs would do, Teddy had ingeniously devised a clever plan.

In that very moment, Cunningham and his partner had an epiphany that pizza night would forever be altered. From now on, it would be their furry friend Teddy who would bring the entertainment.

Teddy’s unexpected pizza adventure would be a tough act to beat.

“[He’s] so cute!” Cunningham said.

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